Thoughts on Web Projects - Part One

The discovery phase of a project is important. It's necessary to explore ideas, identify core functionality and clearly document requirements. It's also a time when you discover things that can absolutely not be accomplished given the tools and time available. This directly shapes the minimum viable product and provides a clear roadmap for how to proceed when it's time to start developing.

Skipping, or cutting short this phase of a project, should never be seen as a way to trim cost. In fact, taking such an approach will most likely have the opposite effect. I've seen it happen and its not fun for anyone involved. No project will ever be perfect, but you can do yourself a big favor by not scrapping this critical step.

Bach: Sonatas and Partitas, Vol. 1

Since Nickel Creek's hiatus a few years back, I've kept up with the solo careers of each of their members. All three are top-notch musicians that place more value on exploration and creativity than on album sales. I appreciate dedication to one's craft. With that in mind, I'd like to thank Chris Thile for this wonderful collection.

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Apologies in Advance

I've done my best to try and keep something new on this site each week. Alas, I am human. Most recently, I have been dedicating time to launching and conducting some alpha testing on a personal project called DJ For Me. 

Long story short, DJ For Me is all about real people curating and sharing music selections. One of the things I've tried to do on this site is share awesome albums as I come across them. That said, my energy for sharing music is going to be directed at DJ For Me for a while. I can't slice the pie any other ways. Feel free to check it out:

PS. While many things are functional, the product is far from finished. I would also appreciate feedback. You can find my email in a button on the page footer.